Our school is a member of the Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association (VICPA).

All VICPA preschools are parent-operated. The preschools are administered and maintained by the parents on a non-profit, non-sectarian, inter-cultural basis.

Under the guidance of a qualified Early Childhood Educator (ECE) parents assist in the classroom. Parent participation preschools promote direct involvement of parents. This makes for a unique educational family experience.

Parent participation provides:

  • time to observe your child interacting with a consistent group of their peers
  • guidance of a qualified ECE as role model and resource on child development
  • the opportunity to meet, socialize, and work cooperatively with a diverse group of parents from the community
  • emotional and practical support in parenting from other parents
  • free access to monthly parent education sessions featuring topics of interest to you
  • a chance to contribute existing skills and develop new ones

The co-op approach is the most wonderful opportunity to have a hands-on, involved role in your child’s first school experience.

  • Co-op trains parents to act as the teaching assistants (duty parents), to staff the preschool.
  • Every duty parent must complete the 10 hour initial orientation and the one and a half hour education requirement every month to meet the licensing criteria to be a duty parent.
  • Duty parents get to spend one or two days a month in the classroom assisting the ECE in the classroom.
  • The parents own and run the school, so you can have a say in the business operations of the school.
  • Families work together closely, so you really get to know the children and families that attend the school.
  • We must fundraise a certain amount of money each year to meet the annual financial needs of the school. We try to make the fundraising varied and fun.
  • Best of all, you get to be with your child in their class as they are learning to adjust to a new environment. You can see how they play, what they enjoy doing and how they are learning to interact with others.

For more information on parent participation at Sidney Preschool, please visit our Parent Information page.


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