Our school is a member of the Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association (VICPA). As such, we follow the standards set by VICPA while meeting our unique preschool’s needs. This includes adherence to their parent participation guidelines.

Parent Participation

As a member of Sidney Co-operative Preschool, your responsibilities can include:

  • assisting in the classroom on a pre-arranged rotational basis (for Full Participation parents; 1 to 2 times per month)
  • attending orientation sessions with other parents and ECE (10 hours of orientation required for Full Participation)
  • attending monthly meetings of preschool membership for parent education sessions, preschool business and social activities (required for all families attending; 1.5 to 2 hours)
  • paying a registration fee and monthly tuition which vary according to the expenses of each preschool and your level of participation (Please see Programs for levels of tuition)
  • participating in fundraising and other community events
  • sharing the tasks of the preschool such as making playdough, equipment upkeep, or holding an executive position.

There is a preschool job to meet every member’s schedule and interest. A family can expect to spend approximately 20 to 30 hours on a preschool job throughout the year – whether it is in small weekly amounts (e.g. picking up laundry, making playdough), or all at once at the beginning of the year (e.g. emergency kits). Those members taking on executive positions will meet for an additional hour before each monthly meeting and will have additional ongoing duties throughout the year; but will experience a great feeling of accomplishment and pride in ushering another set of families into Sidney Preschool’s 50-year old community!

Fundraising participation requirements will vary from year to year depending on enrolment and cash flow needs – at minimum there will be two main fundraisers (fall and spring) requiring volunteer time at an event, and smaller fundraisers such as Paint Nites and catalogue sales throughout the year. Passive fundraising through use of Smile Cards, Peninsula Co-op gas station, and Bottle Depot accounts are also easy ways for parents to help the preschool raise funds, even after leaving the school.


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