Alongside our experienced ECE, each participating parent has an opportunity to be part of the program assisting in the classroom. This is a special time to share with your own child and a chance to get to know your child’s friends.
In our busy home lives, especially if we have other young children, being patient and understanding can be a challenge. On-duty parents help in the classroom once or twice per month. The Co-op gives us a chance to celebrate our child’s development in an environment best suited for learning through play.

General monthly meetings allow us to participate in the management of the preschool. Our excellent parent education presentations cover a wide range of topics such as nutrition, sibling rivalry, effects of TV viewing on children, etc. They are an informative and engaging way to exercise our commitment to quality parenthood.

A variety of positions and jobs enable each person to contribute their talents and strengths to the preschool. The great thing about Sidney Preschool is that everyone has an opportunity to participate and enjoy all it has to offer.


Sidney Preschool is a member of Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association (VICPA) and is an association that advocates for high quality early childhood education, and provincial government licensing and safety standards.
VICPA states that parent Participation in their child’s preschool provides:

  • time to observe your child interacting with a consistent group of their peers
  • guidance of a qualified ECE as role model and resource on child development
  • the opportunity to meet, socialize, and work cooperatively with a diverse group of parents from the community
  • emotional and practical support in parenting from other parents
  • free access to monthly parent education sessions featuring topics of interest to you
  • a chance to contribute existing skills and develop new ones

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