Welcome to Sidney Co-operative Preschool!

Here are a few things that make us an extra special place to learn, grow, and play!

Adult to Child Ratios

Our Preschool offers an excellent adult to child ratio of 1:5.

Making a Difference

We are committed to our community. Every year the children and parents participate in beach clean-up days, giving back to the local food bank, and creating family events for the whole community.

A Community of Families

Sidney Preschool is a great place to connect with other families who value education, community connections, and community involvement. We come to rely on one another during our time at the preschool and we continue to support one another long after our children move on to elementary school.

Great Location

Sidney Preschool is bright, spacious, and well-equipped with age-appropriate toys, supplies, and equipment. The outside play area is complete with a large sandbox and playground, and has tons of space to run, ride bikes, and play!

Play & Potential

Sidney Preschool is a nurturing place for our children to play, explore possibilities, and reach their potential. They enter primary school confident, self-reliant, and ready for new challenges.

Our Blog

We love to keep everyone up to date with our exciting news via our blog!


Our shed has little birdhouses built into the design.  The children cannot get too close because the birds won’t come around but if they keep some distance, they can catch a glimpse.  Look closely in Read more…