On Thursday, November 10th we talked about the poppy that children have seen people wearing and what it means.  Talking about peace with preschoolers is not simple but thanks to Todd Parr, author of the Peace Book, it is a little easier to discuss.

After reading the story, Teacher Cindy asked the children what makes them feel peaceful. Here are their answers:

MkC   Peace is making a snowman

AO      Peace is watching the clouds

AR      Peace is snow

TH      Peace is seeing a baby chick hatching out of an egg

JT        Peace is snow

SG-S  Peace is living in a trailer

ED       Peace is building a castle with a bridge

MB-F  Peace is thinking about my fish

LS         Peace is going in the trailer with Daddy and the truck

MC       Peace is a kitty

DH       Peace is making a snowman


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