We had a lot of fun with fairies in the forest today.  Here’s a peek at some of the things we did.


AH made a fairy house with her Mom.


IM and AR made fairy soup


That was when the search for the fairies began.

AR’s Mom: What do fairies look like?

IM:  Fairies are as tiny as your fingernail.  I think I see another fairy house.

CW: Where is the fairy house?

JT: A fairy!

AR: (Looking intently at a hole in the log)  I see a shiny thing.

Teacher Cindy: Did you find any fairies yet?

IM: I saw a flash in there.

Teacher Cindy:  I know you’ve had fun pretending to make food for the fairies and now it is time to go.

IM:  We’re not pretending.  It’s real; the fairies are real.

Thoughts from Teacher Cindy.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to go back to that time when fairies were real?

What else can we do that might inspire more play about fairies?




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