It was just another day at preschool with busy, happy, engaged children everywhere.

In the art area, children worked on mini paintings using q-tips as the paint brushes and bits of dough as the glue.

In the block area the children built and decorated a space ship and then traveled to outer space where they met aliens. The blocks and tools were used to build the space ship and the scarves were for decorating.

On the other side of the room a sleepover party was being held where they decorated, shared food and then slept all night.

Outside, the children created a rescue vehicle with ladders propped against the climber.  Rescue workers drove to help people. There was a leak and then a fire. The rescue workers had to stay up all night helping people!


And bicycle and scooter riders joined together as a team to participate in a race. Put your hands in, everyone!

Throw in a snack, a little lunch time, some stories and some songs and our day is complete.

Just another busy, happy day where we are learning through play. And Teacher Cindy celebrates each moment and all the ones in between.

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.” -Roy Bennett

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